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Employees and management of LLC KV-ENERGY are young and highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in the supply, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment since 2008. Our company offers screw and piston air compressors, refrigerated and adsorption compressed air dryers, cyclone separators and compressed air filters. A complete list can be found in the Compressor Equipment section.

You can say that there are a lot of similar companies and what is the KV-ENERGY company better or worse than others? Yes, we often hear these questions from our potential customers and to this question we ask them to communicate with our regular customers. Which will confirm that having addressed to our company errors in correctness of selection of the equipment are practically excluded. We offer customers only what they need! We do not impose additional services. And, as a rule, solving complex issues from our clients is often not similar to solutions from other companies, they differ in their validity and the cost of solving these issues differs significantly!

Moreover, purchasing equipment from us, you get not only the equipment itself! You will receive professional advice on installation, commissioning, maintenance of purchased equipment. As well as professional services of the service center.

When you read this line, you probably wondered Who are the customers of our company? The answer is: our clients are small and large companies that invest in equipment to optimize and reduce costs, as well as improve product quality! Our regular customers understand that the miser pays twice and sometimes even three times. Therefore, they look at the equipment not only as an object of purchase, they look at how much the equipment will cost per month, per year and throughout life. This gives them the opportunity to predict the term of life, the cost of maintenance and most importantly the payback period.

With respect to you, in the hope of mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation, the team of LLC KV-ENERGY!